Eric Torres – One Minute one Spot

The bowl is just a ditch of uneven launch ramps with near-ungrindable coping on the edges and the top portion of the park is composed of a bank to nowhere that would make Sarah Palin horny and one of the less safe “funboxes” I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. That said, the ledges are a ton of fun (much to the chagrin of the park’s designers, I’m sure) and after we installed a surprisingly durable handrail last year, the park has become the go to warm up/wind up only skating there spot for the central Connecticut scene. It seemed like the perfect place to capture some Connecticut personality for this edit, and after all home is where the heart is.  

Shout Outs to Stuff/Be-mag, Doug and John Horak, Ryan, Doug, Rob, Toms, and Demetrius in STL, Martin, Cerro and crew in Madrid, my boo Jessica, my Mommy, Daddy, sisters and stupid Derek. 

Photos by Ian Meyers

1. Full name: Eric William Torres
2. Age: 22
3. Hometown: West Hartford, Connecticut
4. Sponsors: British Petroleum, MTV, and Enzyte 
5. Favourite Trick: Something with a fluid transfer of momentum
6. Favourite skate event: being outside on a nice day with my buds and the Connecticut dudes I don’t see enough
7. Your top three skate-songs: I don’t really skate with music much anymore
8. Current set-up: Usd Carbons with Create Original frames, Crap bearings and UC Eisler wheels
9. Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Too many to choose from, but Montre’s C/O edit stands out and I really loved that task around feature on the site now, too
10. Good advice you’ve been given: Selfishness breeds unhappiness
11. Bad habit: Procrastinating
12. Three characteristic features that describes you the best:  Generally odor-less, human, dinosaur aficionado (r.i.p. dinosaurs)
13. Place you want to travel to next: Canada (but not when it’s cold, i’m too skinny for that)
14. Three people you would love to skate with at your favourite spot: (Not including close friends) Jeff Stockwell, Kato, and a monster composed of the entire SOL crew stitched together… that seems like a recipe for a good time
15. One amateur who should be pro: That’s a tough question, the pro-am distinction is so thin in my eyes, but in terms of work put in to skating I think Gabe Holm should be getting paid for holding the new england skate scene on his shoulders for years on top of being really talented on the blades.