Chris Haffey: One Minute One Spot

“Anyone who knows him will say he is the most humble person they have met. The guy is the greatest at what he does, but when you skate with him, he’s just doing it for fun. No attitude or ego, he is just Chris.”

Intro by anonymous
Edit by JC Rowe

Quoting Chris: I want to thank my good friend JC Rowe for taking time out of his busy schedule to film the edit for me.

Chris Haffey
Age: 25
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Sponsors: Remz, 4×4, Ground Control, Vibralux, Jug, Themgoods, Trust, SDSF skateshop
Favorite skate event: Probably bittercold. The only reason I said probably is because of how fucking cold it is. The vibe is always pretty rad, and the attendance is the highest in the US every year. Always makes me feel like blading is far from dead.
Current set-up: My new 2.1 pro model with a featherlite 2 GC frame and 4×4 wheels…basically the stock set up you get when you buy the skate.
Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Jon Julio‘s part in the Valo video.
Good advice youve been given: Be true to yourself no matter what the popular belief is.
Bad habit: Is drinking a bad habit?
Worst injury so far: Broken leg and separated ankle at the same time. Surgery on the ankle, all that fun stuff.
One thing you would spent one million dollar/ euro for: A house in California.
One thing that makes you really angry: The amount of terrible online edits posted to rollernews on a regular basis, or just lack of quality control in blading in general.
Reasons to smile: It’s hard for me to find reasons not to smile… I am insanely blessed in the life I get to live everyday.
Your favorite skater from back in the day: Growing up Randy Spizer was always my favorite, and now he is my good friend. Still rips on blades too!
Skater of the year so far: Chris Farmer

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