Bruno Jubin: One Minute One Spot

Intro by Max Jubin
Edit by Bruno Jubin


Name: Bruno Jubin

Age: 18

Hometown: Madrid

Sponsors: No sponsors yet

Favorite skate event: Winterclash

Current set-up: Razors Don Bambrick standard set up

Best rolling edit you have seen in 2010 so far: Game Theory trailer

Good advice you’ve been given: Do not waste time

Bad habit: Too much of a perfectionist, I’m never happy with what I do

Worst injury so far: I have broken my elbow and I still can’t fully stretch it

One thing you would spend one million dollar/euro for: Create my own movie

One thing that makes you really angry: Haters

Reasons to smile: See others smiling

Your favorite skater from back in the day: Aaron Feinberg

Skater of the year so far: Dre Powell