YOU Convention 2010 – Grindhouse Miniramp Masters

Hi everybody!

Rolling Berlin is on its way, Ramps are set up the first pros already arrived. Everything ready to rumble the capital and representing Rollerblading at Europeans biggest youth convention – the YOU MESSE!


Saturday 02. October 2010

11am Finals Grindhouse Miniramp Masters (WRS-Event)
2 pm German Mastership Halfpipe

Sunday 03. October 2010

11am The Conference – Rolleblading Workshop for Beginners
12.30pm Finals European Championships Halfpipe

Saturday is big big prizes day! Clear some lots of stuff prizes and 1000,-
EUR prize money for the Finals GRINDHOUSE Miniramp Masters (spine competition). Furthermore you should not miss
to hang out with all the Pros coming to Berlin from all over the place: Chaz Sands, Jeremy Kesler, Adrian Anne or legends like Matteo Attanasio or Toto Gali. Check out the riderslist:

On Sunday we will host the FINALS of the European Championships Halfpipe!
Everybody is in the House and there will be a sick Vertcomp.
It is 2000 Euro Prizemoney…

We know this is already a lot of good times with Rollerblading, but also
note all this is happening in front of a massive audience: 200.000
visitors are expected to the YOU-Messe! And after having awesome sessions
with your bodys you haven’t seen for ever and the once you always love to
roll with you can check out the other bothes at the YOU-convention. There
will be some cool concerts going on as well as other shows and lifestyle

After all this: Partytime in one of the wildest cities of Europe! Enjoy
the beat of Berlin!

CU all in Berlin