X-mini G-Shock Mettle Games 2011 Video Report in Singapore [UPDATE]

New Edit Update: Mettle Games 2011 Teaser for Aggressive Inline Singapore by SixSevenImages

Under the hot Singapore sun, Worapoj, Soichiro and Franky impressed the judges and wowed the skaters from around South East Asia who had gone to Singapore to catch them in action at the X-mini-sponsored event. Jeerasak Tassorn put on a great show to take home first place, while Soichiro came in a close second, followed by Worapoj and Franky in third and fourth place respectively.

Competition Results:

  1. Jeerasak Tassorn
  2. Soichiro Kanashima
  3. Worapoj Boonnim
  4. Franky Zhang