VLC Open 2010

On May 29th 2010 there will be a huge Rollerblading contest in Valencia. The VLC Freestyle skating club, together with more than 20 sponsors, organizes an important rollerblading event in the city of Valencia. The Virgen del Carmen de Beteró Sports Centre will be the place for a 4 disciplines rolling contest: a skatepark contest, sanctioned as WRS event, and 3 more contests in the flat track, slalom, high jump and slide.

The contest will start on Saturday (May 29th at 10am) with the amateur runs (50 rollerbladers have already registered for this comp). From 12:30pm the Pro comp will start. Over 80 competitors from countries like UK, France, USA, Hungary, Switzwerland, Holland and Brazil (just to name a few) already confirmed their attendance. The registration for the skatepark contest have been closed due to the high amount of competitors. The registration fee is 15€ which includes a day insurance and a lunch. A helmet is required during the competition, so don’t forget it.

There will be a grand-stand for the public audience to see the contest the best way possible, an athlete area with drinks and shadows provided by Red Bull and Puleva Milkshakes. There will be also a trade show with boothes of brands like Razors, Remz, Valo, Roces, Dr X, Nimh, Be-mag aswell as some associations and clubs. Valencia will become a city on wheels since at the same weekend there is the XI Annual Skating Run through the city, planned for sunday (May 30th) in the “Alameda”, next to the dry river that crosses the city.