Trailer Rollerblading at YOU-Convention 2010 Berlin Tempelhof

The trailer for the Competitions at the YOU convention was just released!

Featured skaters: Dominik Wagner, Stephane de Freitas, Sven Boekhorst, Cesar Andrade, Rich Parker and many more.

SAG (Skate Association Germany e.v.) is organising 3 big events to represent rollerblading at Europe’s biggest youth trade show, the you.

Practice and Infernal Best-Trick Session (Friday)
Grindhouse Miniramp Masters Finals (Saturday)
German Mastership Halfpipe (Saturday)
Finals European Championship Halfpipe (Sunday)
The Conference Beginners Workshop: Rollerblading (Friday + Sunday)

Make sure to join Europe’s biggest Spine and Halfpipe competition October 1st to 3rd in Berlin. Expect some big prizes and prize money (in total 3000,- prize money for all competitions). Riders from all over Europe already confirmed their attendance. So join the shred party in Berlin and sign in for the comp:

Location: Berlin Tempelhof Airport, Germany.

Date: 1-3 October.