The Radcliff Hallow's Eve Sk8 Competition and Origyn Dr. Zeus Fall/Winter Fashion Premier

The Radcliff Hallow’s Eve Rollerblade and Sk8board Competition was a definite success. About 45 people were out there along with spectators relaxing, enjoying the show these athletes were putting on. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. I prayed it would be sunny and it was! Thank our Higher Power. First out, we set up the equipment for hosting while music was blasting into the ears of our competitors and spectators. Tom East, above all is to be thanked here for it was his idea to have this. I took over with the hosting part, plus the many sponsors we had with a nice flyer on Facebook and in near Skateshops. Aggressive Mall is held in high regards for hooking the rollerbladers up with over $300 dollars worth of product! I was definitely hyped because of this and so was the skaters when we gave out the 2 First prizes for Best Skater and Best Trick. Casey Moore and Darron Wilkerson. Casey was truly consistant and had better tricks with a highlight of a high royale to another royale on a down box. He also did a handplant aerial flip on the quarter that was massive. Darron did some nice tech moves as well as a Frontflip and an attempted Misty Flip over the Pyramid. His Best Trick was what I have seen him practice for months which was a Fakie Misty Flip Parallel Rocket Grab. The rest of the rollerbladers did a good job keeping the flow going. A little tucker named Adam Buhlinger was out there at a young age busting soul tricks. The Skateboard comp was definitely amazing as well. A known veteran named Derek Robertson busted a Pop Suv, Late Suv Tail on the Quarter. He also judged the skateboarders and helped host the comp with myself. Thanks Derek! Ronnie Hightower won the Best Skater award with his consistant tricks like a Backside 180 off the bench to flat, a Backside 180 Kickflip over the pyramid, a Smith 180 Blunt Kickflip 50-50 on a rail and a 50-50 on the spine. One Skate Magazine for the Mag they sent! They are the best Aggressive Skate Magazine in the U.S. covering the world! Thanks Jenn and Justin! My Company Origyn had it’s Fashion Premier Show and that went extremely well with a lot of product sold. The clothes will be up soon on the site and in Aggressive Skate Shops soon. I want to thank the best sponsor, Aggressive Mall for their love. As well as Sparky’s Skateshop for the Gift Certificates for the skateboarders and you know Origyn had to hook it up with some gear as well! – Jordan Myer Dale