Swedish Championships 2013 in Eskilstuna, Sweden

For more info check out the Zeroonesix Skatepark website. You can already register here. Also make sure to book a space to stay beforehand to get the best deals!

The two day event will once again attract contest participants from all over Europe. The park has hosted several contests in the past and is popular within the international rolling community. One of the skatepark’s best representatives is Fredrik Andersson (the son of the owner of the skatepark) who is a well-known rollerblader in Europe. If you want to compete in the competition please make sure you register online now since you won’t be able to sign up at the event. On Thursday (July 18th) there will be a pre-session going on so you can prepare for the contest and test the park and the obstacles. Still not motivated? Maybe the prize money of 15.000 SEK (1.700 €) can motivate you?