Summerclash 2013 in Berlin, Germany

Press Release:

When we started the Winterclash in 2005 we quickly figured out that there should be a Summerclash as well. Three years later in 2008 it got realized for the first time but due to the problems with the Winterclash in the following years we weren’t able to keep on doing the Summerclash in the following years.

In 2011 we started collecting ideas for another Summerclash and decided to wait until the Mellowpark in Berlin got fully set up at their new location. Now, two years later everything is ready and we are more than happy to announce that the Summerclash will be back in 2013.

The Summerclash 2013 is not just going to be another event in the summertime but a true blading festival.

The Mellowpark Berlin is the best location one can think of. Enough space for 1000 bladers, camping, swimming in the river, more than six different and truly unique skateparks, including miniramp areas, an indoor park, a small tricky concrete bowl, a vert ramp and a, especially designed for the Summerclash, real street park that will be the event‘s main attraction.

We are super excited about this and we truly hope you will be joining us for one the most memorable weekends in 2013.

Thank you for your strong support in the past years. Your feedback made us believe in this project and we are happy that the Summerclash is finally back!

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