StreetBattleSeattle 10!

The SBS 10 is still about 2 months away, so you guys got plenty of
time to plan your trip. You should think about booking a hotelroom and
a plane oder trainticket and then sign up for the competition on the
official SBS 10 homepage:

The event is currently sponsored by:

 The FarmProject will actually be at the event on August 21st in a
42ft Rockstar Energy bus bring out over 2000 cans of Rockstar and
other great giveaways!

As for First & Lexington they signed up for the Platinum package but
of course also sending plenty of swag!

Razors is also all in with the Gold sponsorship! Thank you everyone
for the support!

If you want to know more about the sponsorship packages check this:

“by Jeremy Townsend
      There is lots of great opportunity here for publicity of your
company! The event alone will have 200+ skaters in attendance. The
site which gets roughly about 1000 hits a day. And not to mention the
after party which will open the world of skating to the outside world.
Oh and I almost forgot this is a WRS event which means even more
publicity before and after the event! Check out the sponsorship
packages listed here! There is a package and a budget for any company!

Currently 1st place will get $1000 I would like to see this number
grow with the help of the sponsors. If anything else it would be great
to offer a 1st-3rd cash prize. Only time will tell…”

And to have everything on one look, here’s the flyer for the long
awaited number 10: