Pony Cup 2010

The event is hosted on friday 26th february until sunday 28th. the main event, the competition, happens February saturday 27th. The Pony Cup will take place at Kulturfabrikken in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark.
Everybody can enter this amateur competition and we guarantee that it will be as wild as always!

There will also be a trade show at the competition
And please join us at the after party or in the lounge! be free to sleep in the skate park or in the lovely cafe!
The competiton is a part of the WRS ranking for AM skaters! you can collect points for the official world ranking list so if you want to be in the finals then come wisit Denmark!
The doors open at 10.00 pm in the morning at saturday 27 th.
Be a part of danish rollerblading history! be a part of Ponycup 2010
see you in Denmark.
General info.
contact: [email protected]