Nils Jansons Invitational at Ghetto Games Festival 2013 in Ventspils, Latvia

Press Release:

Last year the Ghetto Games Festival in Ventspils, Latvia successfully laid the groundwork for an annual alternative sports and culture event. Already in its first year it was one of the largest street culture and sports events held in Eastern Europe. This year the „Ghetto Games Festival” will be held for four days beginning August 8th and it is estimated that 1500 athletes from 20 countries world wide will be brought together by 20 different sports activities.

For 2013 we have planned a special Inline program hosted by one of the most innovative and mind blowing skaters of the past few years – our own Nils Jansons. All skaters are welcome to come visit Latvia, experience the open-air festival as well as participate in the skatepark competition. Registration for the contest is already open.

For more information on the Ghetto Games movement, this years Inline competition, prize purses and everything else go here.

For any updates on the festival please check the website or the Facebook page.

Nils Jansons Invitational at Ghetto Games Festival 2013 Promo Edit