Never Winter Jam 2012 in Wroclaw, Poland

Here are a few words from Pawel Komosa about this year’s event.

“This is the 5th edition of Never Winter Jam and this time we will hit street spots! We will skate on the streets of Wroclaw, but if the weather will be bad we will move to the Legnicka skatepark. For full info about our meeting point you can visit . We invite everybody who is interested in participating as a spectator or a competitor to get familiar with each section on the site, where Ready-to-Print forms, hotel info, time schedule, online registration can be found. Never Winter Jam will be the opening event for the Polish Rolling League 2012. For this years events we have support from The Hive, Hedonskate, USD,,, Prime, Rollerblade and Monster Energy drinks. We are happy to have Be-mag as a sponsor as well. As always you can be sure to see a great competition and experience a good party at Never Winter Jam.”