Franky Morales at SNICKERS URBANIA in Russia

Snickers Urbania was a giant event in Russia on September the 18th. It was the final battle of the biggest urban culture festival in Russia which took place in Stupino near Moscow.

It was about to announce the “King of Urbania” in the disziplines: 

Inline-Skating ,Skateboarding, BMX, Breakdancing, Gaffiti, Urban Sound and MC.

So there have been many russian TV stars and a well respected Judge for each diszipline.

It was up to Franky Morales to judge the rollerblading contest and all the competitors were amazed to skate in front of the rollerblading-legend. Everybody tried to go as big as he can to impress Franky and to get the crown of the “King of Urbania”.

Finally Franky was highly exited to annouce the winner of the Snickers Urbania in the diszipline Inline-Skating : Igor Nassonov from Nizhniy Novgorod.