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We ventured over to Holland for Bladings biggest contest, Winterclash. Whilst we where over there we shot some photos for you guys to give you an inside look into the event. Area Fifty One Skatepark is filled to capacity with bladers from all over the world competing for the number one spot at Winterclash, which is arguably the most prestigious title in our industry.

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Too many crazy tricks went down to name and there are a bunch of crazy memories (Dance battles in-between tricks, Chris Farmer themed stag party etc). If you couldn’t make it to this years event be sure to find a way to get to next years. It’s insane!! Results are below


1.    Nils Jansons (Roll Line Skil Trick of the day)
2.    CJ Wellsmore
3.    Roman Abrate
4.    Dominik Wagner
5.    Antony Pottier
6.    Romain Godenaire
7.    Diego Guilloud
8.    Soichiro Kanashima
9.    Maxime Genoud
10.  Sven Boekhorst

1.    Adrian Deck
2.    Jan Ebbert
3.    Jelle Briggeman
4.    Jeremy Kesler
5.    Jack Swindells
6.    James Keyte
7.    Toms Slukins
8.    Grisha Mikhalitsyn
9.    Andy Spary
10.  Tomek Przybylik

1.    Chihiro Azuma
2.    Grazyna Wratny
3.    Manon Derrien
4.    Crissy Grasselli
5.    Mery Muñoz

1.    Dominic Bruce (X-mini Newcomer of the day)
2.    Conor Spring Coleman
3.    Levi van Rijn
4.    Fred Bokowski
5.    Kirill Kochetkov
6.    Patrick Egan
7.    August van der Velden
8.    David Prajz