Jonas Rogge, the man behind Berlins’ Abriss contest series joined forces with the organizers of Amsterdam’s Shred da Ground and the Copenhagen Blade Days to bring you a new, exciting event platform. As told by Jonas, the European Snakerun connects the 3 events to a tour and is meant to reward people for visiting events, not only for good skating. Also the fb event shall work as a communication platform for people participating in the tour.
So if you visit all 3 events, get your stamps on the European Snakerun stamp card, you will receive a surprise package of goodies arriving at Blade Days in Copenhagen!
This event is not only created only to inform about the events. It is meant to be a platform of communication between people that are traveling Europe to visit the blading events, plan sessions together or help each other out with a car ride or a night on the floor of your hotel room. If you’re anywhere close to Amsterdam around the 9th of June, be sure to get down at Shred Da Grond and follow the caravan to Berlin and Copenhagen.
Supported by The BlackJack Project and Syeahskate and more sponsors to be announced.
Check out the event here.