East Side Jam 2011

The East Side Jam is an annual aggressive in-line skating competition taking place in Lublin, Poland. It is an exceptional occasion that offers all rollerbladers the opportunity to escape from everyday reality! The unique city atmosphere and wonderful vibes are what make it a very special event. This Contest is a fixed date in all polish skaters’ calendars, hence we will see the highest level of skating. Also, more and more international riders have announced their participation, thus making the East Side Jam even more attractive for both competitors and spectators.The riders have a chance to win both price-money and rolling gear plus precious points for the Triada Polish Rolling League (Official Polish Championship in aggressive in-line skating), as the East Side Jam is a part of TPRL.As in previous years, the main organizer of East Side Jam is the ”East Side Group” from Lublin. However this year, the famous sports and cultural association “GREEN” has decided to co-organize the event. With combined effort, the organizers guarantee a spectacular event which will raise all the extreme sports fans’ interest and also will be a great fun for the audience. East Side Jam 2011, taking place on the 4th of June in Lublin (Poland), is the only opportunity for the whole rollerblading industry of Poland to gather in the same place and attend such an amazing, aggressive in-line skating contest. Therefore you are more than welcome to visit Saxon Park (Park Saski) at 12 pm, on the 6th of June 2011!