X-Mas Jam 2012 Promo Edit by Karsten Boysen

Edit filmed by Christoph Böttcher & Karsten Boysen, edited by Karsten Boysen
Write-up by Christoph Böttcher

Their ambitious plans to produce a kick-ass edit covering the whole park lasted about two minutes into the filming process. It then became clear that everybody wanted to solely skate the new obstacle that was added to the park just recently. It goes to show that it not only has great potential for the upcoming event, but it’s fun to skate too.

Speaking of new obstacles, many other will be added to the park for the event to allow for a fresh skating experience. Want to know more about the preparations for the event, pro attendance, etc.? Join the event on Facebook to stay informed about everything X-Mas Jam 2012! Want to start your personal X-Mas Jam preparations right now? Download the registration form for the contest here and save yourself some time on December 15th.

Many thanks to all of the sponsors for believing in the event and allowing the I-Punkt Skateland to continue with X-Mas Jam every year. Shout outs to Sidney Hansen, Melvin Siemianowski, Jan Navitski, Philipp Köhler, Stanislav Bondarik, Dave Botchwey and the rest of the Hamburg locals for devoting their time – and their precious “Bladers Only” session – to put in work for the promotion of the event!

Also much respect to those that offered one (or more) friends places to crash on the X-Mas Jam weekend, everyone that’s cramming their cars from floor to roof with bladers, backpacks and beer, and everyone that convinced themselves to get the train or plane ticket. Anyway, although the contest isn’t exactly cheap, basically I want to thank everyone that’s set to make their way to the event this year. Thanks to every volunteer, every helping hand, every idea. You are X-Mas Jam 2012!

-Christoph Böttcher


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I-Punkt Skateland

Press Release:

Monday, October 8th, 2012

X-Mas Jam 2012, German Championships Inline Street

First held in 1995, one of Europe’s longest running events is back again for 2012! With main supporters Grindhouse and Hamburger Volksbank, this year’s X-Mas Jam will once again provide a good time for contestants and audience from all over Europe. All for the purpose of celebrating the sport, having fun with friends and closing the blading season with a Bang!

With a diverse judging concept that’ll help to keep things fresh and entertaining as the event progresses, you’re in for a great show with the best bladers from Germany and even all over Europe. The price money currently amounts to 2000 € assuring that the efforts made by the top riders are generously rewarded. The competition of X-Mas Jam 2012, German Championships Inline Street is free for everyone to enter. The overall winner of the event will become X-Mas Jam 2012 Champion, the best German competitors of either gender will be awarded German Champion of 2012!

While you are reading this, the team of I-Punkt Skateland is working hard to provide you with an unique event experience. Portions of the street course are currently being rebuilt and more additions to the park will be made prior the event, allowing contestants to make use of one of Germany’s best skateparks in ways never before possible.

If you’re the kind of person whose main focus is on everything apart from the skating going down at an event like this, you won’t be disappointed either. Since the event will be held in one of the most interesting cities in Germany, you’ll party the night away at the official after party in the cities famous red light district, including a reduced entrance fee for every competitor.

Mark your calendars, X-Mas Jam 2012 is going down! See you on December 15th at I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg!