Winterclash Live Update #3: Creating a rolling temple in Eindhoven

Intro by Oliver Nermerich

Photos by Tom Schlotthauber

Timmy van Rixtel and Dick Heerkens are spreading some good vibes.


The freshest food and the coolest drinks just arrived at the Area 51 Skatepark.


 Last cuts of the Winterclash in Mühlhausen on the wall, last cuts of this years Winterclash below.


Ralf van der Kerkhoven almost finished his awesome paintings, stay tuned to see the whole obstacle tomorrow.


Tom and Ray are labelling the Ignition wall. We will see some big hammers on top of that box in just 3 days.



Jojo busy as usual, answering tons of mails.


Sven Boekhorst is checking out this chest high monster.