Winterclash 2011 #10 Photoupdate Warm-up Session

I took some time off skating last year to heal my injury i had on my hip, this might be the first session i had in ages (including other skaters), and guess

what fucking happened.. having skated a sesh for about 20 minutes, i got back my old injury and collected a new one. Now i´m lurking arround, grabed myself a beer

and write this stuff to get a cigarette from felix, but i will still love this weekend, since that shit happens every year. The Warm up sessions are pretty relaxed this time which is

sick since you normaly suffer from coliding with other dudes. Watch out for Nils Jansons and Alex Burston tho, dudes are killing it, anybody please put them to the Pro List? 

So yea maybe i´ll be able to skate tomorrow, the park is great. Thanks to Jojo and the team for making this possible again, i´m going to check out the shima skates now fuckers – cigarette first.


Gabriel Hyden