StreetBattleSeattle 2010 report

Welcome to StreetBattleSeattle

Story by Jeremy Townsend
Pics by Preston Villanueva

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Being the 10th and final event I did everything on my part to ensure a great event. Unfortunately I had no control over the traffic. From spot to spot there definitely was some down time caused by the traffic jams. We can’t complain too much though. Worse things could have happened.

Up in the air in Seattle
Aaron Feinberg had his hands full being the head judge and an MC. Dre Powell was another great voice on the mic along with a handful of locals whom all had a chance to chime in!

When there is a mic, there is Dre Powell
Definitely a lot of skating from each of the competitors throughout the day, but the final ten competitors has been tearing holes in the streets of Seattle like almost no one before. When it came down to the end it was a serious battle. Shain Lapointe was throwing down all day busting out insane tricks from spot to spot and even hit all the bonus spots. The Backside Royal to ledge roll gap 180 telephone tap was ridiculous.

Dustin Jamieson was hitting trick after trick on every spot. The guy was and is a machine. The first guy to hit the drop rail at the last spot and didn’t stop there as he hit multiple tricks on the drop rail! Probably the most technique tricks of the day were performed by SBS09 winner Josiah Blee doing a 450 Savanna and DP of Calgary, Canada with the best pud slide I’ve ever seen! The finals went on and on till the skaters finally weeded themselves out it was a great showdown. Randy Juarez the last man standing finally gave up and the judges moved to deliberation.

Powerhouse DP from Canada backsliding like what
The judges summed up the top 10 rather quickly and all agreed on a Champion. Definitely one of the craziest skaters of the day lacing tough tricks on every spot and every bonus spot made it easy pick. The SBS 2005 champion Shain Lapointe took the win and became $1050 dollars richer!
The contest was a success. Once again I’d have to say it couldn’t have been better. I’d like to say thank you to all the companies who sent out products including First and Lexington, Razors, and Remz for going out of their way investing money and sending out pro riders to chill with us. Another big thank you goes out to all the people who donated money for the event to help fund the cash prize and other things needed to make a contest like this a hit. Chris Hoang, Aubrey Burford, Anthony Rowe, Dee Parker (Grandma), Andrew Eremenco, Zach Smith, and Deana Innocenti (Mom) thanks again. SBS might be over but it will live on in all of our hearts. It was one of the first rollerblade street contests in the world and definitely the first to hit 10 years. I will hold it, the skates, and all the great times close to my heart for sure. SBS is the past now. The future of northwest true street events is going no where. Aaron Feinberg wants to do a Portland event next summer and I plan of putting together the Tac-TownTakeOver! Get ready!

Organizer: Jeremy Townsend. Thanks for 10 years SBS.

Street Battle Seattle 2010 top 10 athletes to gain WRS points!
Shain Lapointe
Dustin Jamieson
Josiah Blee
Randy Juarez
Daniel Davidson-Pilon
Kevin Craig
Nick Wood
Lavelle Stinnett
Dan Lee
Kawika Jarman