Rollacoasta Sessions Vol. 2 Report

Written by Philipp Köhler
Photography by Lars Franzen

However, on April 2nd the Rollacoasta Session went into the second round. On one of the first mild and sunny days of the year people from Berlin, Rostock, Hamburg, Flensburg and even Denmark made their way to the D.I.Y. Skatepark. It is located next to a bay which makes a promising combination together with a BQQ and cheap beer.

Admittedly not the most appropriate conditions for an indoor event but perfect for celebrating the end of the indoor season and getting in the mood for the eagerly awaited summer. While a relentless session was going down in the skatepark others took a bath in the Schlei or enjoyed their steaks and beer in the sun. Others again took a ride in the adjacent, rather weird outdoor concrete bowl in the form of a diving waterdrop.

After a very enjoyable day people got the chance to vote for their favorite rider. The crown went to Fedor Simonov from Eckernförde followed by Alec Schandert from Flensburg and Stain Bondarik from Hamburg.

All in all a great day to remember which makes us look forward on next years Rollacoast Session. Thanks to D.I.Y Skatepark, Ignition Skateshop, Be-Mag & Just Fitteds for their support.

Riders Of The Day:

Fedor Simonov
Alec Schandert
Stain Bondarik