Revelation Cup Gießen 2010: Edit, photos and results


Text by Marco Sichau
Edit by Salim Sikha
Images by Sue Nicole Susenburger

On Friday the 17th of September the Ignition Team plus some extra skaters like Jojo Jacobi and Benny Harmanus reached the location to start a pre session. Although it was only a pre-sesh everybody tried to kill all the new obstacles we set up in cooperation with our sponsors and if you know Benny Harmanus – who jumped out of the big gate of the skatehall in 2008 – than you can imagine what happened this evening. The gate was broken, so he decided to jump through a small hole in the wall between the streetpark and the miniramp hall and topsoul the coping of the miniramp and goddamn laced it! This guy just can’t stop lacing hammers. So a great point to start the preparty till 5 in the morning. Pictures are X-rated, haha.

Benny Harmanus transfer to the miniramp – photo by Alex Stock


On Saturday the competition started with the youngest in our sport in a Kids-session and if you think that this session is boring to watch you are simply wrong. Even at this time everybody of the audience was screaming loud when the kids landed their tricks. The kids were so happy to get the opportunity to skate in front of their parents and the whole crowd.

After that, about 35 amateurs started to compete in different heats and this was quite an eyecandy. 540 transfers from the spine to the funbox, flatspins, spin to grind and creative tricks you could see from these guys. The am finals were crazy as hell especially one girl stood out: Mirja Stockburger (age 16) impressed the judges so she did make it to the 6th place. Benni Petry, Dominik Stransky and Daniel Gourski battled it out for am’s gold medal plus tons of skateclothing and free stuff. In the end Benni convinced the judges with his big trick vocabulary, style and hard tricks, so he took the first place, Dominik second place and Daniel third place.

In the meantime Mathias Silhan and Salim Sikha arrived at the park and started skating with all the other Proskaters for the first heats to qualify for the finals. Now it was interesting to see all the different styles from all over Europe, e.g. jojo Jacobi who skated the park so fast and flowy or Dominik Wagner, Andreas “Gagi” Wagenblast and Eugen Enin with unbelievable lines in the whole park and with a pot of big tricks. But in the end France’s powerhouse Mathias Silhan made the big difference. Stoked by the loudness of the crowd he Skated faster, harder and higher than anyone else. The last trick and also the best landed trick of the day was his 540 flatspin transfer from the spineramp over the big-ledge through the small funbox. The whole crowd was screaming so loud when he landed it, so this was the perfect point to start the afterparty that – I am sure – no one will ever forget!

Before the Aftershowparty started about 40 Rollerbladers killed the flat of the event organizer Marco Sichau with a big Pre Party. Than everyone went to the “Ucon- Studio 54” Aftershowparty at the MuK, where you could play Nintedo Wii, watch skatevideos or simply dance to the music on two areas. One hour after midnight the party reached its climax, when about 50 Rollerblader plus the normal partypeople jumped, danced and splashed with beer on everybody else in front of the unbelievable live band “the oh oh oh”s” till the early morning. The last people went to bed at 8am and everybody was happy about an awesome weekend.

Thanks to all the sponsors (Ignition Skateshop, Rat-Tail, Be-mag, The Conference, Ucon, Risemagazine and Volksbank Mittelhessen), to all the skaters who came out and to the whole event team (Alex, Steve, Tim, Tobi + Tobi, Nina, Dave, Felix+Felix, Adam, Anna, Claus, Sue, Andi, ) for making this event so unforgettable!


1. Mathias Silhan 
2. Dominik Wagner
3. Jojo Jacobi
4. Eugen Enin
5. Andreas Wagenblast
6. Benny Harmanus

1. Benni Petry
2. Dominik Stransky
3. Daniel Gourski
4. René Blum
5. Felix Hartig
6. Mirja Stockburger

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