Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Jeremy Suarez

Photo by Dominic Swagemakers

Are you coming to Winterclash? If not, why?

Of course I’ll come. Winterclash is one of the biggest contests in the world!

What set up are you going bring to Winterclash?

Rollerblade Sven Boekhorst Pro skate, Kaltik Freestyle frame, some pink wheels. I’ll try my best to get some Cozmos, but… 

What are you looking forward to the most?

Meeting everybody from everywhere, meeting the rest of the RB team, the bowl session with the old school riders, feeling the vibes and see so many people come from so far away all for the same passion!

Do you compete? No matter if yes or no, tell us why you do or don’t.

Yes I’ll do. Why? To represent my country!

What was your coolest personal Winterclash moment?

My coolest moment was when my friend Anthony Pottier won the Amateur contest last year! He did a huge fish stall on the totem coping. Nobody did that, it was so crazy! See you all there!

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