Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Guillaume Le Gentil

Photo by Guillaume Le Gentil

Are you coming to Winterclash? If not, why?

Yes, I’ll definitely be at Winterclash! It’s not possible to miss the best event in Rollerblading I know!

What set up are you going bring to Winterclash?

I will bring the RB Solo Hype Black with white soul plates and Ground Control F1 frames… with Denial wheels.

What are you looking forward to the most?

I just want to join all my friends from the Netherlands and Europe again! I imagine chilling around a table and talk about all the crazy things that happened to them since last time and discuss about their lifes, their projects, all our good memories! I hope to also make new friends because – in my mind – that’s what Winterclash was created for!

Do you compete? No matter if yes or no, tell us why you do or don’t.

Yes, I will compete because it’s one of the rare competitions where everybody is there to have a good session with their friends and not to compete to win points or other stupid reasons! Just plain fun!

What was your coolest personal Winterclash moment?

Fiouuu it’s so hard to pick one! There are so many good moments! Maybe my very first Winterclash experience, the finals in Mülhausen in 2008. Also during the last Winterclash, when Sven Boekhorst killed all the spots on the course one by one in the Pro Semi Finals! It was clear why Sven is called ‘Silent Assasin’. Not ten tries to do something silly, just in plain hammer mode with a discrete smile on his face. And all these crazy Dutch fans and supporters! I can’t explain the atmosphere… It was incredible!

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