Panhandle Pow Wow 2012: Raw Contest Coverage By Ian Copp

Write up and Edit by Ian Copp

As for my video coverage I’m not quite at Blake’s level of professionalism, but I think I still managed to come up with something people will enjoy seeing. My very amateur camera setup had me running around between heats looking for my charger, and I managed to miss almost every clip of the ‘Bladies’ contest thinking I was recording when I was paused, and recording only the moments between tricks. Luckily filming the Pro-Am division went a lot better although I missed many, many big tricks, and my battery was totally done for during the last few minutes of hammers before the announcers called for the contest to end.

All in all it was a great weekend, and David Sizemore managed to win his third Pow-Wow victory. I think his level of mastery of the Pow-Wow event is only second to Blake’s.

If attending it to a future Pow-Wow is even a remote possibility I suggest making it a priority. Blake’s got something building in Florida that is unique and a whole lot of fun. Our beaches, crawfish and strip clubs are waiting, and we’ll be here having a hell of a good time again next year.

Pro Division Ranking:
1) David Sizemore
2) Steven Tat
3) Julian Bah
4) David Lang

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