Oil City’s Slickest Blader 2013

With BitterCold coming to an end, I knew that most of the bladers here came with a new attitude. New York Native Dax took it upon himself to add a new comp to keep it alive. Ready to show spectators what the sport was all about, the heats began. Each blader skating harder and stronger with every attempt, it was clear that the news of another comp ending pushed them to new extremes.

Sean Grossman took the night with consecutive transfer tricks from a sub box to a quarter pipe. Receiving the cash prize and giveaways from sponsors it was obvious he came for the win Bladers have a type of swag about them that makes them unlike any other competitor in any sport.  Oil City held the comp that housed some of the finest to find the slickest blader.

-Jillian Faith

Photos by Samuel DeAngelis 
Write Up by Jillian Faith 

Oil City’s Slickest Blader 2013 Results:

  1. Sean Grossman
  2. Jose Henriquez
  3. Chris Murphy
  4. Trevor Johnson
  5. Joey Lunger
  6. James Perez
  7. Evan Grimball
  8. Steven Sin
  9. Pablo Munoz
  10. Gregory Preston


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