Official Be-Mag Last Man Standing 2011 Edit by Sam DeAngelis

Write-up by Sam DeAngelis
Filming by Sam DeAngelis and Mikey Roman, editing by Sam DeAngelis 

With constant support from the local community, Victor is determined to show appreciation to all Tri-State skaters by holding another flawless competition filled with cash prizes and plenty of give aways. Once again Callender has managed to throw the most prestigious Rollerblading competition in New York City!

Enjoy this edit brought to you by Be-Mag and be sure to catch Victor Callender as he continues to set up “Let’s Roll”-sessions all year long throughout New York City!

-Sam DeAngelis

Last Man Standing 2011 Results

  1. Franco Cammayo
  2. Chauncey Jenkins
  3. Jose Henriquez