NYC Street Invite 2011 Live-Updates #3: Contest Format & Judging Criteria


  1. New course for each of 3 rounds (preliminary, semi-final & final)
  2. Opening trick given to each competitor before timing starts
  3. 6 minute preliminary heats. 8 heats with 5 competitors per heat. Heats assigned alphabetically
  4. 20 competitors chosen from all preliminary heats to advance to semi-finals
  5. 10 minute semi-final heats. 2 heats with 10 competitors per heat
  6. 10 competitors chose from all semi-final heats to advance to finals
  7. 15 minute final heat with more time given as necessary. Top 3 awarded prize money



Judging is based on the following criteria; in order of importance: difficulty, style & creativity. Winners will be determined by overall impression and their performance throughout the entirety of the contest. Competitors that combine all three judging criteria consistently and to the highest degree during the competition will be awarded accordingly. A competitor’s tricks from any round will be considered when determining the final standings.


NYC Street Invite Contest Format & Judgement Criteria