Never Winter Jam 2011 Contest Report

Photography by Kuba Urbanczyk
Edit by Radek Kojtych

The best skaters from Poland and also guests from Germany, Latvia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Scotland were in attendance. Over 130 contestants have taken part in the contest. There were 4 categories: Girls, Juniors, Seniors and Masters.

Qualifications were running in Jam format, that is several contestants skating at the same time. The finals were divided into 2 rounds, consisting of the individual runs. All the competitors were doing their best to impress the judges. You could see very high airs, long grinds and smooth lines.

The results are as follows:


  1. Graoyna Wratny
  2. Paulina Zawadzka
  3. Marta Sitkowska


  1. Jakub Malecki
  2. Pawel Zalejski
  3. Ramin Purmensky


  1. Michal Luczak
  2. Rafal Latka
  3. Georg Rokita


  1. Piotr Combrzynski
  2. Nils Jansons
  3. Frederik Andersson

For the first time this year, polish competitors were getting their points in Triada Polish Rolling League – a series of six Inline Skating contests held in Poland from March till October. The aim of the league is to appoint the best riders in Poland and to give out the title of Polish Champion in Aggressive Inline Skating. Great vibe, energetic reactions of the audience and very positive contestants’ opinions make the event a great success and are huge motivating factors for both organizers and riders to work even harder in the future.

Again, Never Winter Jam proved to be one of the best contests in Eastern Europe. Polish contestants did very well and we can be sure that Aggressive Skating in Poland is going in the right direction.

Let us invite you for the further competitions in the Triada Polish Rolling League 2011!