NASS – Finals Day

 Sunday saw the best blading of the weekend with the WRS Pro street finals, Goliath FInals and the RIchard Taylor best trick comp. Aragon destroyed the street course with huge tricks including a cork 7 transfer over Elvis clinching him first place. Roman Godinaire placed second with enormous spins and flips all over the place, Steve Swain came in third with a solid line of big tricks and tech grinds.

The Goliath comp saw some incredible skating from Roman Godinaire, Alex Burston, Taylor LaTouche and Adam Brown who laced the elusive double backflip. Godinaire pipped him to the post with a cab 1080. We then moved quickly back to the street course for the annual Richard Taylor best trick comp and wow, you should have been there. 

Chaz destroyed himself on a 540 transfer over the rail, Tuffnell was inches away from a alley fish over Elvis and Roman Abrate nearly got a royale round the top of the wallride. Steve Swain stepped it up by hucking a mistyflip transfer out of the street course and Danny Aldridge followed suit with an enormous flat 7 over the Elvis. It was too close to call and even the crowd couldn’t decide so the judges called a draw.



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