March Madness 2011 Photography by Gee Lee

Write-up & photography by Gee Lee

In my 15 years of skating, I have always thought I saw it all. The turnout to compete was more than expected. As minutes turn to hours, we saw hammers being thrown left and right. As for the turn-out this year, we saw more younger generation take the stage to top. The young Wake Schepman takes us to the time when legends like Chris Edward brought us spins like non other could imagine. Franco Cammayo, making us dream like we could be like him with the sick transitions. Then we have Tim Franken with his style that can’t be compared. 

Overall, turning the page we saw Tri-State Skate and Spoiled Brat with other vendors coming out to show some love for our sport. In closing words: our sport will succeed with dedication and motivation. We need contests like March Madness in every state to bring this sport little closer to where we were with X-games.