live-Updates #5 YOU-Convention / Rolling Berlin

The Competition was awesome and it finally came to an end. Everyone had tons of fun and we had a huge crowd watching the competitors for the whole day.
To cut a long story short: here are the results

Grindhouse Spinemasters You-Convention International:

10. Adrien Anne

9. Sidney Hansen

8. Jeremy Suarez

7. Sascha Winters

6. Chaz Sands

5. Anthony Avella

4. Dave Mutschall

3. Mathias Silhan

2. Dominik Wagner

1. Sven Boekhorst


Grindhouse Miniramp Masters German Championship (whole series):

10. Patrick Krämer

9. Dominik Pistor

8. Manuel Reckow

7. Stephan Krebs

6. Jan Mertens

5. Sidney Hansen

4. Sascha Winter

3. Dave Mutschall

2. Dominik Wagner

1. Johannes Zenk: New German Champion 2010