Live-Update #6 YOU-Convention / Rolling Berlin: Halfpipe results + first Spine-Ram edit

The Halfpipe competiton which consisted of the German Mastership and the finals of the European Championships are finished. As every year we had a huge crowd of spectators enjoying the action in the Halfpipe. Check back in the next few days to see edits of Saturday’s Spinecomp and Sundays Halfpipe events.

Results for the German Championships Halfpipe:
1. Felix Herklotz (German Champion 2010)
2. Jan Mertens
3. Jo Zenk
4. Anton Evangelatov
5. Nikolai Borisov
6. Daniel Parker
7. Lamine Fathi
8. Vesko Zahariev
9. Boris Grozev
10. Pavlin Borisov

Results for the European Championships Halfpipe:
1.  Anthony Avella – France (European Champion 2010)
2.  Nel Martin – Spain
3.  Rich Parker – England
4.  Nikolai Naidenov  – Bulgaria
5.  Leonid Kamburov – Russia
6.  Lamine Fathi – France
7.  Davide Giannoni  – San Marino
8.  Kiril Trayanov – Bulgaria
9. Pavel Mitrenga – Bulgaria
10. Felix Herklotz – Germany


As you might have seen in the previous live-updates Sven took the Grindhouse Miniramp Masters on Saturday. Here you get a first view on the action that went down on the Spine-Ramp. This edit only features the Dutch Rollerblade riders, but be sure there will be some edits popping out within the next days.