Live Update: „B4 Winterclash Battle“ at Forward Freestyle Skatepark

Live updates by Mihai Bivol


Friday, 21st of January

5:00 pm

People already arrived Thursday night for the weekend event taking place this Saturday 22nd, the „B4 Winterclash Battle“. Jeremy Kesler, Jeremy Suarez, Bas Berghuis, Adil Fahrouni, Pavel Trifan, Adrien Anne, and Roman Abrate are already in the house. Alex Burston will arrive tonight. Exciting times!

We will keep you informed on everything that goes on in the Forward Freestyle Skatepark this weekend. So starting today and ending on Sunday, we will provide shots and clips from the contest, interviews with different pros etc. So come back here and get your latest information.

We will already give you another update of the pre-session that’s taking place as you are reading this here!