Jon Julio on The Blading Cup 2011

Article by Ryan Loewy

Hey Jon, thanks for taking the time to talk with us about this upcoming event. Who is involved with the comp?

Right now, the sponsors are the Original NISS competition series, Themgoods, Razors, USD, Xsjado,Vibralux, Amall, Rollerwarehouse, Bernal Heights, Eulogy, Valo and we just signed on Strange Creatures which I’m super hyped on. We also have a possible drink sponsor in the works. DJ Goldenchyld (Bangerz), Wishone and DJ Ralph will be providing music.

What inspired you guys to take on doing a comp like this? 

Everything happened really fast. Within the past 3 weeks actually. At the end of last year we did a premiere for 4Life in Santa Ana at the Yost Theatre. The owner Dennis was psyched on the premiere and he mentioned he would like to do a blading event/demo once they finished remodeling. 6 months later, the East End of downtown Santa Ana is finished and remodeled. The city is calling the all day event the Santa Ana East End Kick Off Party and the Re-Grand Opening of the historic Yost Theatre. Also it will be 1st Saturday of the month which is the monthly Santa Ana Artist Walk that  draws people from all over Orange County.

How did you get the whole thing rolling?

With the help of the OG Facebook page and the support of the industry, we are able to get enough support to get ramps, a good cash purse for all the pros participating in this short period of time. One great re-connection was getting back in touch with Mark Billik and Rick Stark of the original NISS (National Inline Skate Series). They are both excited to be involved. And in their own words: “Never forgot our roots!”.

For those unfamiliar with NISS, can you explain what it is and how they are involved with the comp?

NISS stands for the ‘National Inline Skate Series’. It was the very first Pro/Am Contest Tour in blading back in the day. It was the original contest series. 

Would you say Billy’s NYC Street invite was an influential factor?

Billy’s NYC invite is gonna be amazing. I look forward to going out to NY for it. I think this was a nice coincidence that the Santa Ana event is happening. It’s a good opportunity to have some of the best dudes session and have a good time from coast to coast.

How is the comp going to be judged? Aside from the names mentioned in the flyer, will there be other participants in the comp? How does one qualify for it?

We are working on the format. There will be an Am contest starting at 5pm. Registration starts at 2pm. Then around 6:30pm a Pro demo/contest will take place.

Do you plan on making this a yearly event or just a one time thing?

I’d like to see how this one goes, then go from there.