Joachim Wall wins the Oslo Real Street Contest 2010

Text by Jonas Bødtker and Nils Skogstrøm
Photos by Nils Skogstrøm

The contest was almost ruined by rain once again. During the nine year-long history of the contest, only one year has been completely blessed by sunshine. But with one backup spot and a bit of luck the contest turned out to be a good one after all.

We tried to start out on a curb-spot in a schoolyard, but the weather forced the contest to move under the roof of an alternative spot not too far away. Here we managed to sweet-talk a security guard and get the first round done.

Upon meeting at the second spot, the weather was still bad. The organizers decided to be optimistic and meet up at the spot an hour later. A nearby café was occupied by some, while others got their lunch on. A couple of beers/kebabs later the contest could continue as the sun came through the clouds.

The second spot was a curved ledge divided in two levels by a small kink. Some really nice transfers were laced, as well as stylish switch-ups on the higher part. Gabriel Gök laced the stunt of the day at this spot with a gap to disaster soul over the lower part.

The weather only got better as we arrived at the final spot which consists of two rails on both sides of a staircase and grass fields surrounding it. As the crowd gathered on the field and the roof top surrounding the spot, the final battle got started.

Many tricks were laced, but no one could match Swedish upcoming talent Joachim Wall. Two weeks before Joachim Wall also won the rollTogether “Rookie-of-the-day” title at the rollTogether session #14. Some of the mentionable tricks he did was back savannah, soyal rewind 270 back farf. But topping it with a stylish alley-oop fishbrain to inspin top torquesoul and claiming the win.