High In The Park 2010 (friday): Coming together in Bulle

The night is slowly falling, food and drinks stand are packed with either skaters or all the people of Bulle that are happy to participate in this festival, shall we call, and have fun and see their friends they havent met in a while.

The Rollerdisco was quite funny, the rental skaters were either brand new Remz or the most random white Majestic Twelves, those are amazing. Some kids dressed up in pink, looking like Gem and the Holograms. There was a lot of guys and girls just crashing into the walls and falling on the floor, it was a very funny thing to see. You had to be there!

Anyways, please stay tuned, for the live updates with more pictures and some more details on how the comp is going down!

Chillin’ at the Hight in the park!

a warm afternoon!