High In The Park 2010 Bulle (sunday): Full Day Recap

The day started with the Junior competition, the level was amazing for their age and it was really a good future prospects show to watch. The top 3 skaters practice everyday in Geneva and have well earn their result:

Junior Ranking:
1st – Olivier Furger
2nd – Nicolas Botelho
3rd – Hugo Blondel

Fifteen minutes later the Amateur-Comp started, and this year they were out there with a vengeance. Names to remember? Denis Gul, Taylor Latouche, Zena Walker, Luca Painelli, Anthony Chrissman, Michael Pfeiler…….

The show went on, the sun kept shining, and it was time for the Pros to shine on the course. Skaters from all over the place, J.C Rowe, Roman Abrate, Adrien Anne, Mihai Bivol, Maxime Genoud, Reto Burgin, Nicolas Schopfer, Anthony Pottier, Stephan De Freitas, Jack Neveu, Dumitru Cosmin, Diego Guilloud, Jon Matter and so on!

The choice was hard to make, although Jack Neveu a.k.a President of the Bulle contest skate amazingly well hitting lines only he would know on the course and lacing his signature grabbed back fastslide on the down ledge, and 4th is were the judges put him! Followed in 3rd place was Nicolas Schopfer, also doing some different lines and technical tricks on the grindbox like the alley oop top acid to 360 kindgrind that bumped him on to the podium.

Jack Neveu – Grab back fast slide to mizu

Nic Schopfer – ao top acid to soul in his run

JC disaster top soul & Diego 270 back sav to soul

Roman – 540 true mizu

In the end we had two finalists battling it out for the crown: Diego and Roman. Both had insane lines mixed with huge tricks, and the difficulty was outstanding! Diego started his runs off with a massive flat 360 over the quarter pipe and into the big bank, also landing a 270 back savanah to soul on the grind box drop side. I have to say it was a tough decision to make. Roman had many spins in his runs, big 900 over the spine, cork 720 on the lunch box, linking tricks after tricks silky smooth Aragon style and what sealed the deal was probably the huge disaster 540 true mizu on the box! So there we were!

Pro results:
1st place – Roman Abrate
2nd place – Diego Guilloud
3rd place – Nicolas Schopfer
4th place – Jack Neveu

Stephan De Freitas had a sick line planned for his run, unfortunately, being DJ 2 nights in a row, skating and shredding 2 days in a row, and then having to skate against the wind during his run was just too exhausting for him!

Overall, besides that quick day of rain the contest itself – for its first year as a WRS event – went great. The atmosphere was as always, simply amazing, it’s probably the friendliest competition you will ever attend, and I recommend all of you to join us next year! for the HIGH IN THE PARK 2011 WRS 6 stars!

Thank you to Jack Neveu for being the best host and organizer, stones family, The Conference for the support, Adam Kola for the pictures, Oli Benet and Mark Heuss for the photos, Mihai Bivol and James Sharp for the footage, and everybody else that made this possible!


“I thougt it was Jagermeister so I drank it, actually it was a cigarette in juice…so now I’m going to brush my teeth” Oli Benet

“If we leave the skates on the top and crash, they will fly over and kill you” Mark Heuss

“Bring your ass in first…geez-us” Oli “you know how I know you’re gay?” Kola to Oli

(singing lyndsay lohan song)” Adam Kola