High In The Park 2010 announcement

Announcement text and edit by Nicolas Schopfer

The organizers of the comp have been working everyday until midnight to make sure every obstacles in the course is in good shape for the comp! This year, many transitions have been added to the course, a 50m long ledge, a new launch ramp, and Oh-so many more possibilities than last year! 

We have this year a very powerful line up of skaters, and of course, this comp is a WRS 3 stars comp! so be prepared to see some high level skating! Special party this year with a ROLLERDISCO in the local club on Friday night, and a special after party on Saturday, with DJ Das & Oli Benet. Make sure to check back our site since we are going to create live-updates straight from Bulle this weekend. Be prepared and be happy about that. 

See you there!