Goulburn Fruit Jam Pre-Sesh And Live Update

Text by Matthew Dudley

A year ago, If you asked an Aussie rollerblader where they would like to see a competition held, Goulburn, a regional town in NSW, probably would not have been the first on the list. With a population of 20’000 and home to the world’s largest concrete sheep, Goulburn is half way in between the middle of nowhere.

Last years event attracted rollerbladers from all over Australia, with international bladers like Richie Eisler and Adrian also making an appearance. It only seemed natural to do the same again this year!

Many have travelled up early to visit Australia’s capital, Canberra, for a pre session that would make for a nice appetiser for the main event. Speaking of the main event, things are starting to come together at the 2011 Goulburn Fruit Jam. The sub-box is being assembled and people are arriving left, right and center. There are some nasty clouds hanging around, threatening to ruin our day, but hopefully it will hold off long enough for us to get the job done. Goulburn’s local newspaper ran an article in this mornings paper about the event. 

The articles title? ‘The Bladers Are Back.’ We sure are…