Goulburn Fruit Jam Live Update/Wrap Up

Text & Photos by Matthew Dudley

Sometimes you have to listen to Mother Nature. When dark rain clouds surround an outdoor event, you know you have to accommodate. It was time to get the Jam happening, and with the threat of being washed out on our minds, every competitor hit Goulburn skatepark hard and fast. Tech switch ups, smooth lines, coping and ledge sessions all took a back seat when attention was turned to the newly established sub-box. 

The Jam saw 11 skaters move into the finals, which was a 20 minute all-out attack on the park and the Skater HQ box which came all the way from Melbourne. Just before the rain came and saturated the park, the final jam came to a close and votes were taken in. 

The current world #1 Cj Wellsmore showed exactly why he deserved 1st place with his mix of smooth lines, huge spins and grind variations on the box. Josh Neilson came in 2nd with his solid array of tricks, not only on the box, but all over the park. Hadrian Bastouil showed us some slick park and ledge skills that secured him 3rd place. Congratulations to all competitors and congratulations to Rolling Vic for another successful event. 

Special mention to Owen Parry and everyone who helped out, it would not have happened without you! Stay tuned for the edits! Till next year!


  1. Cj Wellsmore
  2. Josh Nielson
  3. Hadrian Bastouil
  4. Rhys Bell, Kieran Deans (tie)
  5. Danny Jensen
  6. Hayden Golder
  7. Brock Midgley
  8. Paulie Haack, Shane Onus, Johnny Jensen (tie)


Cj Wellsmore – 450° bs noogan 450° out

Cj Wellsmore – 450° kindgrind 

Josh Nielson – Ao fish

Josh Nielson – Ao topsoul

Hadrian Bastouil – 270° backslide to sweaty

Rhys Bell – Hurricane topsoul

Rhys Bell – Truespin mizou

Keiran Deans – Truspin topside soyale