FISE Montpellier 2010 live-update (Day 1): Dominik Wagner gives a short video update

Pictures and edit by Mark Wilson and Jojo Jacobi
Text by Jojo Jacobi

We did it. The long wait is over and the FISE 2010 is running. So one of the best and biggest Extreme Sports Events in the world started today and all kinds of extreme sport dudes made their way to Montpellier/France again.

It seems like for most of the people the FISE is more like a nice vacation and a competition. Everybody is in a party mood and the official parties every night, the sun (even if it was raining a bit today) and all the spectators are creating a festival feeling.

Today it was only the practice day but there were still loads of spectators and amazed people who are just waiting for the action in the next days.

Dominik Wagner and myself arrived last night and we could experience the Montpellier Nightlife a bit, including police checks and other experiences. Welcome to southern France, welcome to 5 days of madness!

Fise updates arrival / practise day from Risemagazine on Vimeo.

We will keep you posted!