Faces of Bitter Cold Showdown by Shardy Nieves

Photography and write-up by Shardy Nieves

Since I did the floor shots at the WRS World Finals (and all the BCSD press passes were spoken for) I decided to do a portrait project which I felt would be unique to the Bitter Cold Show Down. I found a vacant location in the back of Modern Skatepark to set up my lights and the stool which would be the center piece of my shots. 

I made my way through the park stopping not only Pro but Am skaters that were in attendance. The Bitter Cold Showdown brings skaters from all over the world to a single event so why not capture the different personalities of these rollers when they are not skating? 

I had to wait until Saturday, the day of the Am finals and Pro comp to gather whatever available skaters that I could, however that means that I would miss the majority of the competition. But that’s just a small price to pay for what I was trying to accomplish and there will be more than enough edits to fill me in on what I missed. 

Here are the images that I captured during the event. Thank you to those of you who took time out to help me with this project. I was more than happy with the images that i captured being as I traveled relatively light and made the best of the available space. Hope you all enjoy.

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