Daniel Kinney on the 2012 edition of WRS Uploaded

Interview by Kevin Chow

Who has sent in edits this year?

We’re missing some big names from last year, but some others stepped up. In the end we ended up with the same number of competitors. Which is actually really nice for us because the bracket works out perfectly. You can see the full list and release/voting dates on the site. Comments are continually made about why not this person or that person… In the end its completely up to each individuals schedule and other commitments. If your favorite blader isn’t participating and you want them to, tell them. Hopefully we will see an edit from them next year.

Who will be the judges for this year’s contest and are they all from the US or are they international?

I’m actually trying not to announce the judges until we announce the winners. I don’t want to put them under any unnecessary pressure while they are deciding. We have 6 very respected and well known rollerbladers ready to go. 3 from Europe and 3 from the United States. At this moment I am the only one that has seen all the edits and its going to be tough for them this year.

What is the cash prize for the top placing skaters?

We have collected $5,000.00 in prize money and it will be distributed among the top 10 and the Fan Favorite.

When will the winners be crowned?

Winners and Fan Favorite will be announced December 16.

Will the winner be selected by the voters or by the judges?

The Fan Favorite is decided by the voting. It is a fun way to share the edits world wide and get everyone to participate in the process. It is separate from the judging. The judges will decide the winner of WRS Uploaded 2012.

In the first round Warren Digne is taking on Franky Morales and Jeph Howard gets pitted against Jeff Dalnas.
Check out their edits below and go cast your vote here!

Warren Digne

Franky Morales

Jeph Howard

Jeff Dalnas