Contest Report: TacTown Takeover 2011

Write-up by Jeremy Townsend
Photography by Andy Roulston
Edit filmed by Brandon Weller, Anthony Rowe, Jonathon Roulston & Bander Saleh, edited by Bander Saleh

Like the SBS we ran this event straight renegade with local spots chosen only weeks prior to the event. It might have had a new name, new city, and new skaters but it still lived up to the “Same Ol’ Classic Bullshit”. 

Considering the fact that my head has issues fitting through normal door frames I woke up a little early as I didn’t want to have any set backs while we got ready. Feinberg walked my dog and grabbed some coffee while I gathered the prizes, loaded the car, and finished off my bloody mary. With everything and everyone ready to roll; we then descended on a 1 hour car ride to Tacoma. 

The contest started shortly after 1pm with about 15 competitors. We had 4 spots all within close proximity and the first 2 actually in the same parking lot. Everything went rather well with good skating from everyone but as before mentioned we knew right away who was going to win this event. Did I mention he’s also won a SBS and a Barn Burner? At this point I don’t see a reason to carry out this paragraph since you really just want to watch the edit and in all honesty you need to see it to believe it. Peep the edit and post your comments below! 

-Jeremy Townsend

TacTown Takeover 2011 Results

  1. Josiah Blee
  2. Dustin Jamieson
  3. Sam Asken