Competition Report: PTG All Day 2013

Write-up by Sebastian Gruba
Photos by Michal Dziabek

The distinctive feature of PTG All Day 2013 was the form of the contest. Since the PTG skate plaza has very specific course-like featurs, the organizers decided to conduct the event in Slopestyle form. Slopestyle is a type of event where the goal is to perform different types of tricks on the given course/track. The riders can’t stop or turn around and try the missed trick again. Riders had three one-minute runs during the elimination and final rounds. The course included three rails in a line, some ledges all over and the kind of “open” area at the end with some hips, stairs, etc. where each rider could decide what would be the trick to end their run.

Slopestyle is a new thing coming to blading events here and so far the feedback from the contestants was very good. Judges took into consideration one best run out of three and rated it according to difficulty, flow and creativity. Having it that way makes the judging far easier and fair than let’s say a jam format with five people blading simultaneously.

The final runs of the Master category were spectacular. Riders hyped each others up run after run, trying to beat their previous score. Tomek Przybylik took 1st with his perfect run including Full True Savannah to Ao Top Porn, 360 Acid on the rails, some huge fakie 540° and flips on the jump box, followed by raw-styled Lukasz Kazmierczak and his signature laced Full Ao Top Soul and massive fakie 720° at the biggest gap. Xsjado Poland rider Kuba Olejarz who kept astonishing the crowd with the perfect Truespin Fishes on rails and Full TTS on the longest kinked ledge came in 3rd.

PTG All Day 2013 was a day to remember! Thanks to all sponsors for support! USD, Razors, Xsjado, Remz, Kizer, Kaltik, Ground Control, JUG, Undercover, Hedonskate, News Era all did their best to support! See you at Polish Rolling League 2013 Finals in Rzeszow for the Concrete Madness!

-Sebastian Gruba

PTG All Day 2013 Results


  1. Dzbik Sebastian
  2. Kacper Nosek
  3. Eryk Pilch


  1. Karol Byrski
  2. Michal Luczak
  3. Marcin Pospiech


  1. Tomek Przybylik
  2. Lukasz Kazmierczak
  3. Kuba Olejarz


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