Chosen-Few Switzerland Street Comp Report

Written by Quinn Feldman
Edit by Stéphane Ryter
Photography by Claudio Antonelli

The skate competition was still high with energy and although this was the smallest comp we have ever put on the spots happened to be the biggest. The spot selection was done by local swiss organizer Claudio Antonelli and when I saw the final spot I was shocked that anyone was going to skate this. The ledge was sick but was also insane. 

Luckily Beat Schillmeier likes skating insane ledges for fun so the last spot was handled. It was great to see the local youngsters hitting tricks for the first time on obstacles they would usually not look twice at. But most of all it was an ACF street comp and we do not call off a competition just because we have 30 skaters instead of 300. Competition was great! 

-Quinn Feldman