Chaz Invite: Friday

Everyone is arriving. The Remz team is in the building, despite CJ’s 30 hour flight around a volcano, they are all a bit delicate this afternoon after experiencing the Liverpool nightlife.

Razors are in the building with some nice looking skates. The Fenfanix guys are up to there usual tricks and the DJ is blowing up the speakers!

The Ladies are praciticing and its looking like it will be another crazy contest.

If you can get to Liverpool tomorrow, make sure you do!

Mummy Downing in the building!

Some serious matches going down in the VIP on this thing.


Kolamonster is on his hustle this weekend with the Conference booth.

Mr Mulvaney will be doing his thing again.


P.S the net in the park is lagging. Will try to keep you all upto date!